Why we love dbt and you should too!

With the rise of the Modern Data Stack, more and more people use dbt as the main tool for data transformations, aka data modeling. The folks at dbt Labs, created an amazing tool that suits the needs of data teams, large and small. With dbt, any Analyst, seasoned or fresh, can easily start modeling and deploying data transformations pipelines to production.

We love dbt, and we use it for almost all of our consulting projects. There are so many cool pre-made packages in the dbt hub that dramatically improve your productivity. For example, Fivetran has created pre-made starter models for many common sources such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads. dbt Labs also created some great starters packages, such as dbt-utils, audit-helper, and code-gen.

DBT (Data Build Tool) offers several benefits for managing data

  1. Modularity: DBT allows for modular data transformations, making it easy to break down complex data pipelines into manageable and reusable components.
  2. Version control: DBT integrates seamlessly with version control systems, enabling collaborative development and maintaining a history of changes to the data transformation code.
  3. Testing and documentation: DBT provides built-in testing capabilities, allowing data analysts to validate data quality and ensure accuracy. It also generates documentation automatically, keeping data transformations well-documented and easily understandable.
  4. Reproducibility: With DBT, data transformations are defined as code, ensuring reproducibility and eliminating manual errors that can occur with traditional ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes.
  5. Scalability: DBT is designed to handle large-scale data transformations efficiently. It leverages the power of the underlying data warehouse or database, enabling processing of massive datasets without sacrificing performance.
  6. Flexibility: DBT supports various data sources and integrates with popular data warehouses and tools, providing flexibility to work with different data platforms and ecosystems.

Overall, DBT simplifies data management by offering a powerful framework for transforming, testing, documenting, and deploying data, enabling data teams to work efficiently and deliver high-quality data products.

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